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Launching November 2021

About the GALLERY

We Combine Modern & Digital Arts

Oeuvre is a modern art and NFT gallery intended in exploring the more experimental, unconventional art movements and contemporary styles. Our primary theme is centered around light as a medium and concept and although we tend to favor abstract work, the collection is open to all forms of experimentation.

There is a lot of great work out there and behemoth galleries ready to sell you by color, size, style etc. At Oeuvre we present work that tells an honest story of like minded artists and which is perhaps an account of what have to say about life and existence, for us art is a language. Sure you can decorate a space with it, but we hope you buy it for what it speaks to you, we hope you find a conversation worth having with one of our works, your environment and with yourself. Oeuvre is our work, part art in itself and part gallery. Welcome enjoy the journey.



OEUVRE is proud to present our first two ongoing exhibitions, by artist SILIA. 
The first two projects for the Gallery’s “Born in Light” collection.


Coming Fall 2021


Coming Fall 2021

New Exhibition

Silia: Medium



A a digital first Modern Art Gallery we look for ways to erase the barriers of time and space. We aim to explore technologies and experiments on how art can be experienced, admired and acquired through alternate forms of interaction. Minimizing our physical footprint will make us more flexible, fluid, creative and eco-conscious. Please visit us often to explore our art, our virtual exhibits and community events. 

Virtual Exhibits

Born in light – our first curated online virtual exhibit is opening Opening November 2021


Live Art shows

Stay connected for announcements for our upcoming live art shows.
Coming Winter 2021.


Our online store is open, check out our virtual art visualizer which bring our art to your favorite space.

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Winter Park, FL