Visual poetry, hidden messages, a simple line takes flight, created in light captured in light. What is life? In its purest essence, it is not made of water and carbon but of energy created in the infinitely minute tails of quantum particles. So what is life, if not but a point of light in the infinite stream of time? A point in time, a moment, becomes a line. In this collection, the artist creates abstract minimalist drawings through a mixture of performance art captured through long exposure photography to create drawings emoted into light during a meditative state. The works are titled after the images left behind by engraved light into a digital sensor.


BitOart is a collection of 16 works and growing of what the artist calls emotional software. The collection takes the viewer on a journey of positive vibes, hidden messages, and deep cultural notes. These gems of visual data explore and share the programming of the artist's mind but don't just trust what you see, trust what you feel.


Born in light, each piece is special and unique, like every other one. Sounds familiar, but one can't deny the inherent beauty of each copy in this limited series—an ongoing exploration of what the artist calls emotional software. Originals are mesmerizing human QR codes meant to open and trigger positive states of mind. When combined with physical spaces, the Originals will undoubtedly transform any room's energy.

Banana Dreams

This is not art. It's Bananas! But what is art? Are fruits art? Are digital icons art? Are social statements hidden behind metaphorical symbols? What if you mixed them all together? Well, Banana Deams are not even bananas, and who knows if they even qualify as art. Honestly, it doesn't matter. Banana dreams could be your own statement on the issue of what art is or could be. No matter your position on the subject, Banana dreams will sure spark smiles, laughs, and perhaps even some conversations with the world's best and most relevant art collectors.

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Art collectors who are purists at heart can opt for the warm touch of Hahnemühle fine art paper to hang in your personal space. But Technophiles fret not, by request only, we may sell originals works in their pure form as an NFT for projection, META, VR, or Meural frame viewing. Either way, each piece will shine warmth, light, wisdom, and mindfulness.